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The program in the Library Media Center at Northview High School is a needs-driven one which supports the curriculum set forth by the teachers who are basing individual programmatic requirements.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Library Media Center at Northview High School is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.


To provide intellectual access to information through learning activities that are integrated into the curriculum and that help all students achieve information literacy by developing effective cognitive strategies for selecting, retrieving, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, creating, and communicating information in all formats and in all content areas of the curriculum.

To provide physical access to information through a local collection of diverse resources that represent a wide range of subjects, levels of difficulty, and formats and a systematic procedure for acquiring information and materials from outside the library media center through electronic networks, interlibrary loan (SUNLINK), and an assortment of other CD's and online resources as they become available.

To provide learning experiences that encourage students and others to become discriminating consumers of information and skilled creators of information.

To provide leadership, collaboration, and assistance to teachers and others in meeting the goals of the classroom through information access.

To provide resources and activities that contribute to lifelong learning. To provide a program that functions as the information center of the school.

To support the concept that intellectual freedom and access to information are prerequisite to effective and responsible citizenship in a democracy.