Escambia County School District
Exit Interview
Please complete all questions:
1. Employee Type (Select One):                        
2. Was your job satisfying?            
3. What is your primary reason for leaving?                              
4. Did any one person or any one event trigger your decision to leave?            
If Yes, please explain:
5. Would you change anything about your job?            
If Yes, please explain:
6. Did your job responsibilities turn out to be as you expected?            
7. Did you receive enough training to perform your job effectively?            
8. Did you receive adequate management support to perform your job?            
9. Did you receive adequate co-worker support to perform your job?            
10. Did you receive sufficient feedback about your performance between evaluations?            
11. Were you satisfied with the ECSD evaluation/review process?            
12. Did ECSD help you to fulfill your career goals?            
13. Did you feel your pay was adequate for your job responsibilities?            
14. Were your benefits in line with your expectations?            
15. Was the quality of the supervision you received beneficial?            
16. Did ECSD policies or procedures make your job more difficult?            
If Yes, please explain:
17. Would you consider working for ECSD in the future?            
18. Would you recommend working for ECSD to your family and friends?            
19. How would you rate ECSD as an employer? (5-excellent, 1-poor)                              
20. What did you like most about ECSD?                              
21. What did you like least about ECSD?                              
22. Can ECSD do anything to encourage you to stay?            
If Yes, please explain:
23. Before deciding to leave the District did you investigate a transfer within ECSD?            
24. Do you have any suggestions for improvement or comments for ECSD?            
If Yes, please explain:
Escambia County School District
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